Thursday, August 28, 2008

Your Bicycle Picture of the Day.


Found this on one of my new favorite websites, Copenhagen Cycle Chic. Its how I dream Hartford will look someday, designated bike-only lanes, bike-only parking with full racks, and coffee shops with outside seating and without purple and orange logos. The fact that its raining and these bikers are out and about makes it even better. Pinch me.


Rich said...

Ah dude...I've been meaning to post about that site for weeks now. Originally it was called "Copenhagen Chicks on Bikes" but they've expanded and changed the name to include both sexes (though it has kept it's womanly touch). It's a great blog because it highlights how everyday people can get out around town on bikes and be stylish doing it.

"Bike advocacy in high heels with a streetstyle twist"

Love it.

chillwill said...

great website! Rich told me about it at the diner after Wear Your Rubbers. great site!

great indeed!