Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Crazed Driver Yells at Cyclist...who was a reporter with videocamera

Check this story with video from Paul Bass at the New Haven Independent.

A crazy-ass driver starts yelling at him telling him to, "Get on the fucking sidewalk!!" She continues yelling, angry about being filmed and demands, "Don't camera me, that's fucking rude!" The video begins with her telling him she's pregnant. I feel sorry for that kid!

There have been several incidents with cars and bicycles in New Haven lately and many people are very angry. Give his great story a read and check the links.

Two mornings ago I had a driver behind me beeping and yelling up a storm because i was in the left lane taking a left. The sad/funny thing about it is not only was i going the same speed as the morning rushhour traffic, but the light we were approaching was red! She must have a lot of stress and hate in her life to act that way. Sucka! I had a great commute into work that morning regardless of her tantrum.


Karma said...

Yeah I get something like that about once a week but wow, that woman was off her nut!!

Helder said...

I'm lucky if it's only once a week. In fact, I've experienced several times now, what Chillwill describes; getting into the left only to be honked at). I've been thinking we (cyclists) should print up the rule of law as lovingly posted by El Presidente a few weeks back, and hand them out to these drivers who seem a little ignorant of the rules (and this from a self-proclaimed anarchist).