Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cap'n Richie's Fun Page!

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Hey Kids! Do you like puzzles?? I do! Here's a teaser for today. Rich has a ticket to go see Radiohead next Wednesday in Massachussetts and he's excited to go because nothing makes good music better than a dash of social responsibility. As you may or may not know, Radiohead has made it a point to make their touring habits green, and they're pretty keen on passing on that message to their fans. They made it a point to do things like send a recording to Conan O'Brian rather than use up resources traveling to NYC. They play in music-dense festivals so fans aren't driving all over the place all willy-nilly searching for good music. They have their truckers plug into the grid for power at night rather than idling engines. And they want fans to use public transportation to their concerts. Apparently the show at Tweeter/Comcast/corporate sponsor Center in Mansfield, MA...if google results are to be believed , is quite contrary to that last bit. The closest thing is the commuter rail that runs between Boston and Providence, but that's several miles away. Hey Kids...can you name a mode of transportation that can easily bridge that gap?

I found out this summer after a DMB show yet another rush that bikes can give...blowing past not only all the traffic waiting F O R E V E R to exit the lot, but also the slow, drunken Bataan-like death march of people walking back downtown from the Meado...I mean Dodge Music Center. If the traffic patterns for the venue at Mansfield are as bad as I hear they are, what a perfect opportunity to juke back to the commuter rail station in Mansfield and hop aboard to get me outta there.

Now here's where the fine readers of the BBB come in. What's the best way for me to see this concert? Here are the facts we know: 1) I'm taking the whole friggin' day off. 2) The lot opens weirdly early like 2:30 pm. 3) MTA allows bikes on their commuter line except for the rush periods. 4) We already know Amtrak can go fuck themselves with their expensive tickets and their no bike policy.

Right now, I'm thinking my best course of action is to drive all the way to Providence and park at the rail station, load up my bike, and there are later trains running south after the show. If anyone can come up with a better solution that doesn't end in me dying or getting fired, I would love to hear it.


Karma said...

Ah so you think you can just sneak in here and start throwing up posts!? I was hoping there was going to be a grand post announcing the unveiling of our illustrious new team member. I guess this comment will have to suffice...


Yar, welcome aboard mate.

Rich said...


Yeah...this post was a cobbled together thing literally a half-hour before having to leave on my trip to Europe. ChillWill basically told me "post it yer own damn self" as he gave me the news that I'm "in" as a BBB contributor. What an honor, and I'll try not to disappoint.