Monday, August 25, 2008

China and their fantabulous rolling contrapulators

Like Brendan, I also was not at the Olympics. Yay,

China will surely destroy us all with their army of sleek, invading light wheels. And they're wearing some sort of armor on their heads! We're doooooomed!

Anyone see the Olympic closing ceremonies? These neato lighted monowheels made an appearance. They were making some really sharp and tight turns in them. Talk all you want about human rights violations (please!) and whatever other issues the Chinese gov't brings forth, but they did not seem to spare any expense for making the show really impressive for the tv.

A case of beer to anyone who can get anything close to this on the streets of the Beat. Maybe we can keep checking ebay-China or Craigslist-Beijing for some of these from the ceremony.

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Karma said...

While these things are pretty sweet I'd hate to have to change a flat. Imagine trying to find the right tube for that in the Hartford area! I am however impressed that they have generated their own sweet usage-related verb, gerbilated, as in to gerbil, as in when you lock up the wheel and it continues to turn with the rider rotating upside down like when a gerbil cant run fast enough and they spin upside down in their plastic wheelie thing. Check it out its on Wiki.