Thursday, August 28, 2008

Free Bikes!


all have been taken, but a parts bike!

thank you to everyone for saving a bicycle from the junkyard!



only three left...see below.

there are another three claimed and waiting to be picked up, if they are there at the end of the week, they are whoever wants them!

Some dude in glastonbury/colchester; i dunno, its off route 2 exit 10; is giving away dozens of bicycles. There are all fix-me-ups, mostly old road bikes and even older 3 speeds. There are certainly a lot of diamonds in the rough. He's threatened a few times about all the bikes going to the scrap yard as they gotta go. SAVE A BIKE! its like a freakin' bike porno shop there, so much to stare at and fantasize about!

i picked up a 1/2 dozen a few days ago. 3 are left. see below. i didn't measure frames, but all seem to fit me ok and i am 5'7" or 5'8" as my license says! want one? holla! wanna just check it out? holla! my landlord will also be throwing an old bike into the mix that she does not want.

sweet 3 speed with grip shifter! . needs handlebars and TLC. check the fenders and chain guard!

also, one wheel is now gone, both tires are rotted!

this is a tall person frame. josh? anyone 6foot or above? come check this one. needs a wheel set.

i'm a dirty bike, take me home and show me some love!

i am not sure what the craig's list ad said, but if someone can comment the link, i'll add it to the post!


Karma said...

Is that the wheel of a Gunnar in the background of the first picture? Ill take that one.

Seriously people, get down there and save these bikes from the trash heap, I would have taken a few but have no where to store them. If you do pick some up and we can help you fix them up or strip them down for parts!

Brendan said...

doesn't the catholic worker refurb bikes and give them out for free? should someone tell them?

Karma said...

I don't know this person but I imagine they have a name and it would be more polite to refer to them as such.

If they refurb bikes I'd like to meet them and check out the operation.

Rich said...

I was hemming and hawing about that Peugeot before deciding to go with the Univega. That does look fast!

chillwill said...

i have 4 more bikes!

slim pickings are left at the george's house, real nice guy, chatted with him for a bit today.

Karma said...

If that last one in the pics is the Jetter I think that was the one I was thinking of taking. If you are around at some point for me to take a double check I can confirm.