Monday, August 4, 2008

Carribean Nights, Mighty Sparrows and Beach (Goldfish) Parties


El Prez and I pedaled downtown Saturday night to the Carribean Festival to eat dinner and check out some music. We unexpectedly passed Krash as he was leaving an ATM with a lovely purse. Priceless! Krash and Wizzzzy had biked down for Coldplay and were about to cross the street and enter the Civic Center for the concert. El Prez and I continued on to Constitution Plaza and locked up our bikes behind the food vendors and seeked out food, delicious West Indian food.

The roti, chicken and pumpkin curry was good, but the Mighty Sparrow was great! Dang! This dude was getting down in his matching purple shorts and shirt and what looked to be black dress socks and shoes! He had been paying much attention to a pair of ladies sitting infront when one of them jumped up and whined on him something wonderful. woo-haa! Lady had some skills!

T’was a great night for music under the stars and mad people came out to enjoy the evening. We met up with Bianca and her friend and decided to check out Sue’s Soire over at Hartford 21. It was a beach themed party. I was wearing a guaberra and el prez had a bottle of rum and a recycled beach ball. We were all prepeared…or so we thought!

El Pres del Lincoln! The party was pretty bangin'.These people were partying! Live band, yummy food and a swimsuit dance that left many in bathing suits dancing and prancing about the room. Krash, Wizzzzy and two friends came by after the concert and joined in the dancing, pool and pinball machines.

Before the jump and in reckless abandonment of keeping tings chronological, I gave Bianca a ride to her car in the North End on my bike post party. I can still hear her saying, "Don't kill me!" as we turned onto Main Street balancing as best we could.

And that’s most of the story…but then there’s the goldfish!

Rum, goldfish and cameras! a winning combination, especially when catching fish in your mouth becomes the most important challenge in life! I outlined the flying goldfish with bluefish because some are hard to see. Some were caught, some got away!

Too low of a throw for wizzzzyy!

I'm gonna say i ate that little fishy!

Good job Krash!

Bianca's got it!


Karma said...

Being out of town most of the weekend I had no idea such madness was taking place in the Beat! How did you manage to pull off the carpool on the Gunnar? Im quite curious.

chillwill said...

no gunnar that night, i had the mercier! one speed, one brake, less to think about!

the set-up that finally worked was bianca on the seat and me pedaling and steering in front. sketchy and fun and far faster than walking woulda been!

Karma said...

Thats the safest way to travel in the North End, two people on a bike you look like a local. But I must ask, who leaves their car in the North End?

BiAnKa said...

There was no choice but to park north considering the Coldplay crowd, the Caribbean connoisseurs and the Samurai costumed, Japanese school girl outfitted people taking up P spots.

[oh I should explain there was the comic book conference going on... the whole night was a series of bizarre visual juxtapositions]