Wednesday, August 27, 2008

summer's waning days

Photo credit goes to Bill and Kent. I don't know who they are, but I know where this is.

It appears that summer is coming to a close. I went for a ride at Penwood last night, back and forth from the chimney, and on the return climb from that road whose name I forget, it was already getting dark. I returned to the car to discover it was only 7:15. Labor Day weekend is almost upon us. Anyone got any cool plans? I'm going to Vermont (again).


Rich said...

I'm actually headed to Colorado Springs. I'm visiting someone who I convinced to finally learn how to ride a bike, and who then bought a $20 ride off of Craig's List the next day.

I've been hearing that the Springs has done a lot recently to be more bike friendly. In fact they're a Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Community, and it seems they also have some good organization. Maybe I'll look to rent a bike one of the days I'm out there. I'm not sure if I'm in shape to do any climbing at altitude, but I hope to at least explore.

Also of interest is the weekly bike pub crawl. Unfortunately, I won't be there on a Thursday to try to experience that, but this gives me an idea. Why...this kinda thing would be perfect to try out as an event for the Beat! Why not? We could try to organize one mid-month (to seperate it from Critical Mass) and if it goes well hold one monthly or bi-monthly. I know people had been talking about a mid-month happy hour. Why not make it a bike crawl? What do you think?

Karma said...

Its crazy man, I got out of work today, stopped at WF to clear them out of Berkshire Oktoberfest and then zipped home to change and jump on my road bike. I got on the road at 6 (the same time Scruffy Pelotons started) rode over Old Mountain Rd, down Rt 10, and over Simsbury Mtn, I got home at 7.15 and it was almost dark!!! Pretty soon there will be mo more post-work rides and crit will be in the dark.

On a happier note, Rich I like your idea about a pub crawl yet am ashamed at the state of beer in our fair city. What if we all bought a bunch of good beer and did a beer-tasting crawl from each of our houses, we could see where everyone lives, where we ride, and get to taste beer better than any you'd be able to find in the Beat (unfortunately), and on the cheap!!

chillwill said...

stopped at WF for beer? is Working Families brewing beer now!?!? awesome! thanks john!

is that tree on the cliff avon mtn?

pub crawl! pub crawl! pub crawl! or

apt crawl! apt crawl! apt. crawl!
i like this one!

Karma said...

Yeah it doesnt seem any of the local parties are pro-good beer as the only place to get decent beer in the area is the fancy grocery store in West Hartford, its either that or I go a mile out of my way down the suicidal New Britain Ave after I leave work to go to CT Bev mart (meanest package store staff ever).

Perhaps an Oktoberfest-themed Apt pub roll could be organized, Im liking it!!

Rich said...

Love the Oktoberfest-themed apt pub roll idea!!!

This totally reminds me of the Heinekin ad that's running now about their mini-kegerator that fits their mini-keg. The ad starts with people riding their bikes to various friends' garage bars. Work blocks video sites, so I can't link it now.

I'm not too well versed in the local package stores because I usually bring beer from NY, but probably my favorite for good beer selection is Manchester Wine & Spirits.

Musegal said...

Karma - we wouldn't have to travel very far from my apt to yours! (julia)

Musegal said...

BTW - LOVE the idea of a pub/apt crawl. I would totally be in for it!