Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stolen Marin Portofino

A while back, El Presidente de China had his folding bike stolen from his car in Waterbury. Despite the worldwide popularity of the Beat Bike Blog and our readership (we get almost ten percent of the hits youtube does, I swear), El Prez's bike was not recovered.

Nevertheless, I wanted to put out an APB for my coworker's nearly brand new 2007 Marin Portofino, which was brazenly gaffed from her barn in Coventry last night. It is a 58 cm frame and has clipless pedals and solar powered computer.

Let us know if you see it.


Brendan said...

He/she notify the Coventry police?

Karma said...

Hopefully they have all the serial numbers and such. Once the police are notified that will be key to getting it back as I hope that is the end result. These stories always make me sad.

Karma said...

Its likely to be a neighbor, Coventy is not exactly densely populated.

Tom said...

or university is about to start. I'd check the bike racks in storrs.