Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cyclists must realize that the road belongs to the driver and they are merely borrowing it..... A Retort

Another letter in today's Courant offers a retort to yesterday's letter to the editor which minimized cyclists' rights to the roads in favor of the free rein of motorists. The comment section of the original publication sparked some good conversation (minimally ignorant and threatening) and I can guarantee this retort will do the same.

Let us know you think the argument yesterday shaped up. Fair and even or pure lunacy?

Warning: Gun-toting conservatives at play.


Bob said...

When I ride my bike I realize that 190lbs total weight of cyclist and bike is no match against a 4,500 pound SUV. It does not matter whether a driver is ignorant or hostile, the end result of a collision with them is not going to go well for me.

When I am riding I try to be as visible as possible without getting in the way. If the road is so narrow, I keep to right and if traffic builds up behind me I do not have a problem pulling over and waving them by. However, most of the time I choose roads which will accommodate cars a bicycles at the same time.

I think education, common sense and courtesy goes a long way. When it does not and a driver is in road rage mode I simply pull over. If they stop and get out, I go into survival mode and take them down.

metaljaybird said...

Warning: Gun-toting conservatives at play.

Shoot, I'm a gun-toting conservative. I think all cyclists should practice their individual right to bear arms.

Rich said...

And a retort to the retort today.