Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cyclists must realize that that the road belongs to the driver and they are merely borrowing it.

Do you disagree with that statement? Want to read more? Got something to say about it? Check this letter to the editor from Michael Klucznik in Wethersfield.
Be sure to check the comments as well and give your opinion.

also, duude, Karma, our gun-toting, think slow, write quick, threaten to shoot people buddy, Haddam's village idiot, posted and is quite civil. hmmm...i wonder what happened!?!?


Karma said...

I saw this title and thought that either one of Beatbikebloggers had lost their mind or that I had inadvertantly logged onto the beatinternalcombustionengineblog by mistake. My blood pressure skyrocketed!

Julie Dixon said...

What's the actual law? Don't both drivers and cyclists have equal (legal) right to the road?

I honestly don't know. I'm new to cycling.

chillwill said...


el prez is the resident expert in this area. he posted a few laws here:

and i know a few other posts had links or text, but can't remember which ones...sorry!

I also believe the CCBA website has a good link to the laws.

the road is to be shared. The main problem here (most of the USandA) is many drivers feel as though bicycles shouldn't even be on the road, or, they just aren't used to dealing with riders. But that must change. It doesn't have to be that way and it isn't that way in many other countries.

ride on!

julie dixon said...