Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sometimes the best turns...

...are the wrong ones.

Looking to build on last fall's Detour de Connecticut success, or as Brendan put it, "Nobody died," I've been scoping out an expansion of the route while scaling back some the aerobatic bridge crossing and river fording. As of today, I'm pretty sure I have it, but more on that later--watch this space.

More to the subject line, I was out east again today on a scouting mission, when I didn't check my notes and rode up Ballamahack instead of Back Road. Hey, they both start with "B." I'm guessing Back is pretty nice as well, but Ballamahack treated me to a not-quite dead end, turning into an unimproved woods road, descending past an old homestead and finally finishing at a beautiful little hidden pond.

I even managed to find some more old roadways to take me back to civilization after a brief walk through the woods on a the far side of the pond. I love it when a backfired plan comes together.

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