Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spooky mountain rally

I've played with the idea for a little while and I think I want to go through with it.

It'd be a two hour race made out of Goodwin Park and Cedar Mountain, coming out to 9 miles or so per lap. I think that'd mean that you'd get two or three laps (you'd have to fit two laps in two hours, to start lap three). This could be fun, right? You'll be scored on speed, style and intelligence. Beginning of May? Rideable on either a 'cross bike or mountain bike, I'd say.

Anybody interested?

Another Eel!


Salem said...

If you're deceased, can you still race? Home field advantage!

Brendan said...

The ghosts of the mental hospital (or TB ward?) are just spectating. Spectral legs can't push pedals too well.

Damian said...

Today's zombie is a fast zombie.

They're coming to get you, Brendan!