Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nem buh!

Salem got a new bike. It looks a little like this Huffy that he once made me take and subsequently took back from me because he liked that bottom bracket, uh, bracket thing. It was sort of like an eccentric bottom bracket bracket, but the bottom bracket wasn't eccentric. I guess it was like a bottom bracket spacer. Anyway, I digress. It's a Bianchi B.u.S.S..

Salem and I went for a bike ride today. We rode down to the nemba ride at the Blow Hole. I learned a few new trails there that makes the place a little more of a destination and less of a pass through. For a small park, there really is some great singletrack.

Then we rode home. Salem got a phone call.


Mark said...

Shouldn't the title be Nem Bah? Hey, great ride yesterday - glad you could come out.

Brendan said...

that's how your pronounce it?