Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's Your Excuse?

On her bicycle, an elderly person was able to escape the tsunami in Japan.

I find it impossible to listen to stories like this without immediately wondering how people in the United States have grown to be so soft. During most of the year, people in Connecticut find excuses for not biking. "It's too rainy. It's too cold. It's snowing. It's dark and someone might stab me. The humidity might make me sweat."

Do you think this woman ever thought for a second, "Oh, I can't get on my bike. I'm too old and it's too wet outside"?


DS said...

Good point....I would have given you the cold and the wet and all that noise as excuses...But today there could be no excuse. Today called to the soul to get on my damn bike and ride. And I heard about your blog while I was riding AND found out where some singletrack is near my house. Just moved up from North Cakalak. Feeling lucky that all I have to complain about is the weather...Stoked you guys are representing with the blog and hope to see you guys out on a ride sometime.

Interstatement said...

Awesome. Is she seeing anyone? I wanna set her up with the Barrio Style guy.