Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Power Walking

If you look really closely under the leftmost stack of power line insulators,
you probably still can't see Hartford in this grainy photo.

While riding in falling snow can be fun, I had my fill of it this winter, so with the white precipitation and my right hamstring feeling a twinge strained (my saddle height was fine, but my shoes were too low!), I took today's exercise in a the form of a walk out the power lines near my father's house and into the Meshomasic state forest. I've ridden those woods a lot, but walking affords a different perspective, increased ability to wander off-trail, and more time to snap photos.

Above: an old airplane hanger finally succumbed to the weight of winter snow.
Below: X marks the spot for a ridiculous and big fishmonger's house.
(yes, again with the small, grainy photo)

And, from the files of rednecks giving rednecks a bad name:
The serenity of natural environs

What may appear as golden strands are the rusted steel belts of automotive tires,
for the sweet taste of burnt rubber with your s'mores.

Don't let all the spent shells frighten you; it will only encourage them.
On second thought, go ahead, be afraid.

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