Thursday, March 3, 2011

Late season cyclocross

So, the Tim Johnson thing roles into town tomorrow. If you're interested in riding with Tim, you can start in Boston tomorrow at 8am. Or, if you want to stay in the Hartford area, you can head out to meet him tomorrow.

We're leaving from the back of City Hall (550 Main Street, Hartford) at 1:00pm and meeting Tim, et al in Rockville around 3:00pm and then riding him into Hartford. It should be fun.

There's a reception for everybody at Kenny's Red Rock (369 Capitol Ave) at 7:00pm.

Here are more details:

You are Invited
to the Hartford “Hometown of Bicycles” Welcome of
Tim Johnson’s Ride on Washington
Nine States; Six Capitals; Five Days; One Cause

For more information, contact Bike Walk Connecticut at: 860-904-2420

Six-time national champion and cyclo-cross superstar Tim Johnson has thrown his leg over his bike for some serious training this winter. But Massachusetts native Johnson is not riding to improve his cycling or claim another medal; Tim is riding this winter to improve everyone else’s cycling.

On a mission to encourage other cycling athletes to become cycling advocates, Tim and friends are setting off from Boston on March 4, 2011 with 530 miles separating them from their Washington D.C. destination, with arrival scheduled to coincide with the start of the annual National Bike Summit commencing March 8, 2011.

“We want to engage governors, mayors, bloggers, reporters, schools, and most of all other cyclists along the way,” said Johnson.

And Bike Walk Connecticut wants to engage you in encouraging Tim and crew to “ride on” and complete their mission by extending them a uniquely special welcome to Hartford, the renowned birthplace of the American Bicycle Industry. How perfect that we can do so through cooperation with Red Rock Tavern, located in the hub of the former Colonel Albert A. Pope Columbia Bicycle manufacture empire!

A brief media program shall commence at 7:30, including opportunity for welcoming remarks from invited guests. The bar is cash and the food is free!
Tim’s Ride is being presented by Bikes Belong. Bikes Belong is sponsored by the U.S. bicycle industry, including nearly 400 bicycle supplier and retail members committed to increasing bicycling in communities throughout the country. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Bikes Belong has 21 professional staff, 20 volunteer directors, and a $2.5 million annual operating budget.
Bike Walk Connecticut is a statewide membership based organization committed to ensuring that bicycling and walking are attractive, safe, and reliable modes of everyday transportation in Connecticut. We have one professional staff, 15 volunteer directors, and when we have a $2.5 million annual operating budget we will welcome that ride, too!


dougyfresh said...

i'll probably be riding home from work around 7pm so I'll swing by the establishment.

Tony C said...

Doug. See you there. If I'm working late too, I might ride with you.

Thinking of riding out with the folks leaving Hartford on Saturday morning. Is the Saturday takeoff time and place determined yet?

chillwill said...

dang it, i'm missing this and the most snow ever...arrrggg! sounds awesome

Matthew said...

You guys should roll through Pedal Power in Vernon. We're open! On the way in from Rockville. 520 Hartford Turnpike (RT30) where Ski and Scuba used to be. I'll be there til 6pm.

Brendan said...

@Matt- I dunno know if we can do a route switch, but you should totally stop by Kenny's after work.

Oirad said...

Yes, but did you all see that bbb followers voted in favor of "Capers" (last week) and "Escargots" (this week)!


-- dario

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i'll probably be riding home from work around 7pm so I'll swing by the establishment.
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