Friday, April 1, 2011


I've been listening to the new album by Bibio a lot lately. It's called "Mind Bokeh." I had never heard the word bokeh before and assumed it was made up. It's not. Johanna harnessed the awesome power of wikipedia to learn that bokeh is a Japanese word for the part of a photograph that's out of focus. The shallower the depth field, the more bokeh.

I don't have a great camera, probably because it's part of a cell phone. However, it's the only cell phone I've ever had that has a macro zoom. I'm not sure if it's a virtual macro zoom or if it's actually part of the lens. None the less, I can get good bokeh with it. As seen in the above picture of a Siamese carrot.

And for those reasons, Salem jumped off this wall.


Schleppi said...

There's grass on the other side of that wall? I seriously had no idea.

Brendan said...

what did you think was there?

Schleppi Longstocking said...

Concrete. It's the garnish of choice for state employees.

Damian said...

With Lafayette in the background, Salem looks like he's storming the Bastille.

Vive la Revolution!

Brendan said...

It's the other way around. Lafayette was in pursuit of Salem, so he had to make a quick getaway over the wall.

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