Friday, March 25, 2011

Sue the MDC

Quick, while you still have the chance, sue the West Hartford Reservoir. Brendan and I rode there today. I had a good time, but I still don't like the place. I annoyed Brendan a lot by telling how I don't like riding there, even though I was smiling the whole time. I'm funny like that. So, if enough people get in before legislation is passed and sue the pants off the MDC, I surely won't have to ride there anymore. I should start a committee, or an action group, whatever that is. So, sue, sue, sue.
The people in this slide are posing as the revolutionary heroes who fought to free us from the yoke of the English crown, and give us the right to sue anyone we want. For example, Brendan could sue me for taking a picture of him, looking at the slide, without his permission. You'd think he was posing for the shot, but no, I just violated him silly and candidly. He should definitely sue me.
And here's Brendan again, but this time he knew I was taking the picture, so I'm probably safe. That said, someone should sue the Beat Bike Blog for the sticker on what's left of a pay phone. Who do we think we are. Actually, we didn't put the sticker there, but someone should probably sue us anyway to be safe.


Buy Pit Bikes Online said...

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Oirad said...

Handsome lad that Brendan, but he should really try to smile a little.

-- dario

Salem said...

He's too busy contemplating ride in the bike going long miles.

Brendan said...

Only Salem smiles on rides with Salem. Everyone is sad because Salem's making fun of their trails.


benjdirect2u said...

But for me first to check yourself has a condition to travel long long miles. Because there are others forcing themselves, but I've the picture its cool.

Anonymous said...

This is hysterical!!!!
I used to watch Salem, or king Salem as some would say race.
He was the king of the cheater line in races. That dude would ride right through the woods to avoid mud.
After all this time he is still a pretentious douche bag.