Wednesday, April 13, 2011

World's greatest panniers

I think cyclists fall into three camps when it comes to moving things by bike: bag on bike, bag on person or basket. And, then there are some weirdos use pockets or plastic bags hanging from bar ends.

I used to always put my bag on my back, but then I started carrying heavier things longer distances. That makes for back pain and sweat. So, I invested in Ortleib Roller Classics (for the back rack) and my life has changed in so many positive ways. They're so waterproof that it's incomprehensible and practically take themselves on and off the bike. Even yesterday as I was ruining by hubs and bottom bracket in the flooded meadows, my pannier contents stayed dry.

Speaking of carrying things around. Soup art returns! Tomorrow at 7pm!


Damian said...

That time Salem made everyone ford Keeney Cove my "pannier contents" got a little wet. No sympathy for the devil.

Glad to hear the dry goods you smuggled thru the meadows stayed dry, though. Was it important documents?

p.s. Shout out to all my "plastic bags hanging from the bar ends" people out there. Keep your head up. Ooh, child.

Anonymous said...

About the plastic bag technique, how else would you ever carry your escargots?

Brendan said...

I have a mount for one of these on my front rack.

Tony C said...

Just put a new pair of ortliebs through 340 miles from pittsburgh to dc. Two of the days were raining buckets but the bags were solidly waterproof. I was so mud covered one day that myself, bike, and panniers took several passes through a building eve waterfall to knock the big chunks off.

If I get motivated I'll write up a trip report.