Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Planning is hard

It looks like about 40 emails have been exchanged and few of them make any sense. To wit:

Brendan Mahoney to Damian, salemm, dario.delpuppo, lamosca
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Jeez. I try to make my life easy because I'm unfamiliar with new haven and you get all offended. Fine, let's meet near the Meriden/Middletown line on 66.

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On Apr 26, 2011, at 6:21 PM, "Damian" wrote:

I'm going to paint my tongue chartreuse and have someone else pedal my recumbent.

It sounds like you know interesting ways to get down New Haven way, so I'm leaning towards that.


It goes on like that for 35 more emails. Anyway, the East Coast Greenway is having a ride from New Haven to Simsbury. We Snails support the greenway, so we're going. Some people are taking a bus down from Simsbury. We're going to ride. Damian, maybe Dario, and I are leaving from my house at 8:15 this Friday. We're meeting Salem and Peter a little bit south of rt 66 around 10:15 to ride together to New Haven. We'll then ride with the group from New Haven to Simsbury for activism's sake. Then, we come home. All told it's right about 100 miles.

If you want to do the ride with me. Email me.

If you want to do it with a bus. Here's more information. It costs $10 if you don't take the bus.

It's pretty cool that the East Coast Greenway's annual meeting is in Simsbury. I guess Connecticut is more bike friendly than certain surveys have indicated.


Damian said...

Now that I've been quoted for all 11 readers to see, I must give reference.

Colin McEnroe made a memorable funny on his radio show when he defined a recumbent as the kind of bike where you lie down and someone else pedals for you. It was so off the cuff and funny.

The tongue painting comes from what Foghorn Leghorn does to Barnyard Dawg in Hen House Henery. It's 3 minutes in:

It doesn't explain much, but those are my sources.

Schleppi Longstocking said...

That explains everything.

You can get a similar effect by eating green M&Ms by the handful, and I should know. They made me pedal faster.

Oirad said...

I like philology.

Damian is a philologist.

I like Damian.

-- dario

Interstatement said...

Does that mean that Damian engages in the study of high-end hubs and bottom brackets?

Brendan said...

He dips all his bottom brackets in the Connecticut River.

Anonymous said...

I saw all you guys (and gals) on my lunch hour. I was going in the opposite direction by that point (via Swobo Dixon). First thought was, 'how did they all get off from work?'

Brendan said...

I asked my boss.

Can't speak for the rest.

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