Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I've never been to Seattle, but I'm supposing that we're having Seattlesque weather right now. Undeterred at quitting time yesterday, I rode off for the Reservoir with a rain coat, some fenders, plenty of racks and an awesome pannier. Winding my way through West Hartford, I happened upon some secret dirt jumps in an undisclosed location. While only a couple feet tall, the doubles seem pretty well constructed. If you're nice to me, perhaps I'll take you there.

Then I rode the Resvervoir, which was probably a mistake because it was much wetter than I anticipated. Saturday's storm was no joke. While I regrettably added a couple of ruts, I did unblock a creek that some doofus had put a clog-bridge in, thereby flooding this whole low spot. So my trail impact probably zeroed out.

Clam sauce on the move, with fancy bucatini. Perhaps my best clam sauce to date.

And, perhaps my finest beer-battered cod to date!


Damian said...

I'm not one to comment on food pictures much, but that beer-battered cod looks really good, and I just ate!

I wanted to ask, why is this post titled "Bugs?"

Brendan said...

I can't remember.

There was probably an hour gap between when I opened up blogger and typed the titled, and actually wrote the post. When I finished writing writing, I asked myself the same question about the title, but left it.

Damian said...

That's awesome. I thought it was a Seattle reference or something.

Brendan said...

that was a lot of typos in my initial reply.

Damian said...

yeah, well, Soundgarden used to mountain bike. Like, first they would rock out, then they would mountain bike. They were sponsored by Jive Handles, a BMX company that made the sweetest grips ever. this is a true fact. i learned it in Go: the rider's manual, the greatest BMX magazine ever. sometimes there were typos but it didn't matter. it was the thoughts and photos that counted. :P

Brendan said...

I bet Audioslave doesn't mountain bike.

I once wrote a song called "theme from mountain bike".

Damian said...

Go never threw in free 45s.

Well, I listened to it and what I got from it is this: if spokes were tuned to chromatic tones, this is the music wheels would make on the mountain. Enoesque music for mountaintops.