Sunday, April 17, 2011

High and Dry

This past Friday, with his hibernation completed, Peter came out of his den to join Brendan, Dario, and me for a Friday jaunt. With the elder statesman and his road bike along, the Snails avoided their typical magnetic attraction to water, even escaping the CT river valley completely with a foray over the Metacomet ridge.

We paused long enough from the business at hand to pose for this group photo,
high and dry above Tariffville Gorge.

Unfamiliar with these surroundings, we even broke into a strangely quick pace, sprinting for town line signs, as Peter tried to trick Brendan into sweating through his cotton T before the cool ride home. Despite his absence, Peter has lost none of his playful cruel cunning, although I believe Brendan did survive the test despite some mighty pink arms and hands at the end.

Almost entirely unrelated:
Brendan may stake claim to the world's best panniers,
But I doubt their up to transporting frame boxes.
My backpack, a frame box, two trash bags, a swatch of hi-vis orange and I
made a rainy trip to the post office this past week.

1 comment:

Damian said...

I recognize that abandoned curve in the road. That crumbly cliff is enough to put a smile on the grouchiest mug.

Wish I'd been there with you Snails, but I'm just a slug.

On that last photo, Salem, that is a lot to lug.