Sunday, April 3, 2011

Suitably epic

While we didn't get a Nor'easter of snow in Hartford, it did rain and was kinda gross. No one else wanted to ride with me on Friday afternoon, but I wasn't about to let that stop me. So, in the twilight drizzle I rode off in the boardwalks of the Hockanum. Descending the stairs behind the East Hartford town hall, two nice young men with bmx bikes warned me that it was slippery and pointed at muddy pants. Of course, I'm Brendan the awesome mountain biker. Therefore, I crashed about a half mile later. Believe it or not, wet wood with a fine coating of river mud is slippery. My left foot still hurts. Other than that, it was a pleasant Friday evening ride.

That was the warmup for yesterday's reconnaissance ride for the Detour de Connecticut. I don't want to divulge too many details, because it should be something of a surprise for those who embark. At 113 miles, it took me about an hour and a half or so less than the D2R2, but I also stopped more during the D2R2. It's though, but I recommend. It's funny that rides like this beg so much comparison to D2R2, but I guess that's the ride that most accurately captures the New England dirt road zeitgeist.

Of note is definitely how ignorant I am of CT east of Willimantic and I bet most people are. When riding on dirt and paved roads out by Riverton, the Barkhamsted Reservoir and all those scenic places out to west, you'll still see some cyclists because it's still relatively close to some population. But, when you head out that way and the biggest population center is Willimantic, nary cyclist (or person, really) is to be seen. It's cool, our suburban state generally doesn't feel so remote.

So, mark your calendars for May 7.


Salem said...

Here I am, caught on video being a complete and utter bike geek, and I can't even get it right. Everyone knows the Raleigh Super Course was 531 tubing, not 753.
Now ask Brendan how many front wheel drive cars with factory limited slip differential I can name. If only I could remember people's names.

Brendan said...

Colbalt SS, Integra Type R, Acura TL, Sentra SE-R, Focus RS, Neon SR/T, Civic Type R (in europe) and that's all I can remember.

Salem said...

You left out the Mazdas, but don't fret. I neglected the current Civic Si the other day.

Brendan said...

Oh yeah, we don't call them Civic Type Rs.