Sunday, April 3, 2011

Too much of a good thing?

Last fall, I played host to the first Detour de Connecticut with great success, or as Brendan put it, "Nobody died." That ride included such novelties as traversing officially closed dilapidated bridge girders and mid thigh deep Glastonbury Cove crossings, but for this year, I'm scaling back the "adventure course" aspects and substituting an extra 30+ miles. Introducing: 2011's Detour de Connecticut. This will be the "Bow Tie" edition, based on the rough shape traced by the route.

Not yet convinced this is a bad idea? Learn more here.


Schleppi Longstocking said...

If I join in, you'll have to call it "Schleppi Did Die." It looks fun. Wondering if I could do a scaled back version of this.

Damian said...

Yeah, is there like a "Tuxedo T-shirt" edition? Or like a "Stick a Fork in me and Turn Me Over Coz I'm Done" edition?

Do you know what I mean, Salem?

A "Ride Up To But Not Into the Danger Zone" edition?

Seriously though, after I collapse throw me in the bog so that future generation may reanimate my corpse. :)

Schleppi Longstocking said...

If ride goes through Tolland, then we could have a Tollund Man outta Damian's bog-corpse.

Salem said...

Looks like I better start working on the Leisure Suit edition; that'll be the grand poo-bah!

Damian said...

Will you see this? Mayhap you will, mayhap you won't, but I'll still leave it here.

I can't leave a comment on, so I'll say here how I appreciate the post from Sunday, April 17.

Thanks for acknowledging that it's okay to limit oneself to part of detour de CT. While I may cheat myself, I will live to ride another day. After all, you can't cram for this exam.

That's it. Peace!