Tuesday, May 20, 2008

this week in the beat. may 20-23

grease your chains y’all cuz its gonna be a wet week and there’s much going on in the city.

Progressive Happy hour at Kenny’s (red rock) 9:30 pm til close usually! Corner of capitol and Lawrence street. Look for the outdoor patio with lots of bicycles locked up to it! There’s more iron fence to lock a bicycle to than you can shake a stick at! Or a lock! Or just come inside and shake it! There’s Karoake! Join a bunch of progressive thinking, veggie growing, meat eating (well, some of us!), bicycling, political debating, beer drinking, curly fry eating boys and girls! The nickel and dimers that make it happen! The true best and brightest of Hartford!

The Ride of Silence will begin at Elizabeth Park at 7pm on Wednesday, May 21st. The Hartford ride will be about 12 miles and is expected to take just over an hour. This is one of 277 rides being done on the same day in 17 countries around the world. It is a memorial ride to remember and honor fellow bicyclists who have been killed or injured on public roads. Please check the Ride of Silence website for more information. The ride will be led by Dave Rinquest of the CCBA.

Thursday, May 22, the Farmers’ Market at Billings Forge opens with many vendors, live music, picnic tables and a grand ‘ol time from 11am to 2pm. Its fresh! The market is located in the Firebox parking lot on Broad street only a few buildings south of Capitol Ave. (Shell station) You can pay with EBT/Foodstamps, credit card, debit card and they even take US cash! Bring your own reusable bag and buy fruits, vegetables, honey, locally roasted coffee, salsa, local beef, fresh ice cream, arts and crafts, falafel and empanadas ready to eat! Dang I’m getting hungry. Mad props to the Market Master Hanna Grant!

The market will be open Mondays and Thursdays though the month of October, 11am to 2pm. Its Fresh!

Friday House Happy Hour @ the Tiki Bar @ sully’s! yeah baby! get down with dj mike Johnson keepin’ the house beats bouncin’ outside and dj darkman inside with old school hiphop and r&b early and the band sirsy later on. $5 donation requested.
Free pizza, drink specials, chair massages and the usual chill vibe. lots of fence to lock to, but harass chris and rob to make it easier for bicycles to lock to it!! Also check the new waterfall, its super mad ridiculously chill there now.

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but there ain't no more to read suckas!

HEY! i said there wasn't no mo to read fool!


Bianca said...

I am so not hard core- I took one look at the big black cloud and ran screaming for the bus. I plan to be at the market (along with the sun) tomorrow. Hope to see you there!

Karma said...

I was hoping for some BBB representation for tomorrow but I figured you guys had real jobs so that would never work. Im all about the meet you at the cheese stand at 12 approach though! Ill be there around then and Id love to meet all you BBB loyalists around then too! Maybe we can whoo you into the Scruffy Peloton for the evening regardless of weather but it may be a wet ride, regardless we end at the bar so no harm no foul. See you there, beginning or end.

Take the lane and ride safe!

Karma said...

Be strong Bianca. And don't be afraid to ride with an umbrella. It so Dutch!!!

chillwill said...

its just rain!

the ride wasn't bad at all, we actually had sun!

see y'all at the market today! mmm...lunch! and dinner!

two of my favorite things.

Rich said...

Anyone headed to the Tiki Bar Friday should definitely enjoy the smoove dj grooves, but also consider sticking around to check out Sirsy. I've been following them since 2002 or so. Melanie, the lead singer *slash* percussionist, has one of the most amazing voices out there...ridiculously talented. They have been playing The Main Pub in Manchester, but seem excited to have found a place in Hartford that supports local music. Sirsy's a duo from Albany that sounds like a 4-piece band. They've got some pretty funky grooves if the crowd is hip...think something similar to the White Stripes with a dash of early No Doubt.