Sunday, May 18, 2008


Sad but true. I drove to Waterbury on Saturday with my beloved folder in the trunk, planning to take the bike on Metro-North down to NYC so I could ride to my 10-year-college reunion and get around in the city. But I stupidly left my lock home, so I left the bike folded up in the trunk of the car and traversed New York by subway. And today when I returned, some miscreant had broken a window, ransacked the car, and made off with the bike and my ipod shuffle. It was a black Dahon Jack, which is a folding bike with 26" wheels. It had swept-back, touring style handlebars, a grip shifter attached to a bar end (see this post for a picture of the handlebars), a rear rack, and big BMX-style pedals. It also had many stickers. If you see this bike, or if someone tries to sell you this bike, or if you happened to be in the parking lot of the Waterbury Metro-North station in the middle of the night on Saturday night and saw the dastardly act take place, do the following two things:

(1) Leave a comment with details.

(2) If the offender is within arm's length, kindly provide him/her with a judicious punch in the neck on my behalf.

Also, before all (six) of you loyal readers organize the Replacement Bikes For Public Interest Lawyers fundraising concert, know that I've filed both a police report and an insurance claim (both for the broken glass and the stolen items), so I may just weather this great calamity without financial hardship. But if you decide to organize the concert anyway, can you make sure Ghostface Killa is on the bill? Because that would be hot.


Brendan said...

I saw Ghostface Killah once, he wasn't that great.

Sorry about the bike, man. Is your replacement going to fold, too?

chillwill said...


WTF is a crackhead gonna use a folding commute bike for? oh yeah, to go buy cheaper crack at the out of town crackhouse. sorry for the dumb question.

really sorry to hear about this dude. that bike was awesome.

El Presidente de China said...

I have to see what the deductible - it's possible that I will come out of this without enough money to replace the bike, in which case I'll just get a new wheel built up for another bike and leave the wonderful world of folding behind for a while. But today I'm going to call all the bike shops and pawn shops in the Dirty Water so that if anyone sees my beloved whip, they can give me a call.

By the way, can you believe that sucker stole my helmet too? That is just too trife for words.

Brendan said...

I'm not even sure what to say about the helmet thing.

Safe thieves? What's next? Arsonists who carry fire extinguishers?

Ben said...

el presidente! what's next, an asassination attempt? thats awful!

folding bike thieves, the horror.........

Karma said...

Sorry about your loss man. Ill keep an eye out on Craigslist and Ebay as im shopping around. Might pop up, then we can U-lock the bastard! I know Will is always itching for a good U-locking.

Caitlynne said...

All's I'm saying is Maureen came home from an unexplained trip to Waterbury, new folding bike in tow.

She also said she "simply can't" go to Progressive Happy Hour anymore, which she also won't explain.

Just kidding and I am really sorry for your loss.