Thursday, May 22, 2008

I know we're the BeatBikeBlog, but I want to mention something bike-related that's happening in New Haven on Monday that everyone should check out:

Laura McCargar is a professional associate and friend of mine, and also a kick-ass individual. She runs Youth Rights Media, a non-profit in the Elm City that teaches local teenagers how to make movies, videos, and other media as a way to effect change in their area (their slogan is "Making Media, Making Change"). They've made some great movies about interactions between young people and police in New Haven and are very active in the area of juvenile justice reform, among many other cool projects. (Seriously, you should check out their website, which, in addition to everything else, has great design.)

With the warm weather here again, a lot of the kids at Youth Rights Media have been getting harassed by New Haven Police when riding bikes, stopped on dubious traffic violations and searched without cause. So on Monday, a bunch of the YRM crew is going to meet at the flagpole on the green and have a Critical Mass-style ride through New Haven to take back the streets for young people on bikes. As the flyer above says, they're meeting on the green at noon, so if you're in the area on a bike, definitely join them and lend support. (And don't click on "read more," 'cause there is no more.)

And here is the rest of it.


chillwill said...

hey Krash! what time are we paddling? can we make this event too? we should!

pedaling and paddling!

anyone else going?

El Presidente de China said...

I'm trying to go, but I left my bike at my wife's office at Wesleyan the other day, and now it's locked down for the Obama visit (I think Anna's building is in a prime sniper location, so the Secret Service will be holding it down), so it remains to be seen whether I can get the wheels out on Monday in time. Unless someone out there in BeatBikeBlogLand has a fixed rear wheel they can lend/sell me so I can bring the old fixie back into commission?