Friday, May 9, 2008

bike racks

I know that this is something interests many of us:

I'm invited to a meeting next Wednesday to discuss where the City is going to use its grant money to put bicycle racks downtown. This money is only for public land/right of ways, so that presents a problem for State House Square. Apart from that, any suggestions on rack locations?


Caitlynne Dacey said...

I think the top or bottom of Pratt Street would be nice. How big are these things? It's smack dab in the middle...and then definitely by the train station for commuters. Near the Riverfront Recapture area would be great, too.

Brendan said...

I like your ideas.

Riverfront recapture has some down by the river, but bikes aren't actually allowed on the top part.

chillwill said...

thanks for getting this out there and looking for input.

city hall, though the iron railings in back work fine.

the library needs another rack, does that count?!?

very simple upside down U bars would be nice to have sporatically along streets in front of places like Kinkos, TK, city place gets two, starbucks, along main street where there are businesses, Capital Comm. College, pratt street, farmington ave in the west end.

i can't think of too many public property areas for a full scale rack, but lots of simple U bars would be super useful.

Brendan said...
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Brendan said...

I think your locations are good ideas, though I disagree with your rack-type. From what I know about the upside down U's, they're pretty easy to unroot from the pavement. I prefer the lollipop style. Also, since the parking meters are being replace, those can be dropped into the existing holes.

Regarding CCC, there's a big dispute right now over getting racks in the Morgan Street Garage. While cyclists think it's a good idea, the Hartford Parking Authority doesn't. But what can you expect from something called the Parking Authority? A name like that doesn't really allow you to be pro-bicycle.

chillwill said...

there actually is a bike rack at the top of the stairs near the mini stage and ramp at founders plaza.

lollipop is great too! i wasn't all about the upsidedown U as much as just lots of small racks spread around and about. lots of lollipop racks would be super duper!

Brendan said...

I think if you're coming from E. Hartford you're supposed to lock your bike there and then continue walking downtown.

SteveT said...

I'm not sure at this point where to put the racks until I get some additional information. My first question would be how much money is in the grant and how many racks can that buy. Where do we get the most bang for the buck (or rack) which can be determined by the number or expected folks at a location. I would assume most if not all the sidewalks are public domain so the racks can be placed on any sidewalk. To reduce, even if slightly, the chance of having the bike borrowed and not returned we should have the racks at well lite (sp?) public locations.

Location I think would be helpful would be:
1.Capital City Community College
4.Civic Center
5.UCONN MBA school
6.Near the pubs on Pratt Street
7.Inside the public parking garages so the bikes can stay dry.
8.Community buildings
10.City Hall

I just want to walk by one and say “nice rack!” without getting slapped.