Friday, May 16, 2008

bike week in da beat

bike week in da beat. its on and poppin’. been mad busy. no time for sleep.

check the bike everywhere BIKE TO HAPPY HOUR event today, Friday, at the corner pug in west Hartford. 5:30 til yer done.

last night was creative cocktail hour at real art ways and, as usual, the bike rack was full…and then some. hopefully will will put in more bicycle parking. ha! i said will twice. there was lots more art this month than the last few CCH's and I was super happy about that. I like the party aspect, no doubt, but i really do enjoy getting there before it gets crowded and spending time time checking out the art. I really liked a few of the pieces. the hanging plexiglass installation was fun to wonder through and I did like the wall of old photos. it was like a peak into someone’s life, their past, and I thought of my own old family photos. the headphone/video/interview pieces weren’t making it happen for me. perhaps on a non-party night and some time to willingly invest, I might like it.

great food too from barca on park street. Jamie gave me a card good for a glass of wine. and then more good food. mmm…

more photos way below after the jump.

this morning was Bike to Work at the old state house sponsored by the CCBA and several state departments. juice and bagels and some crazy bikes too! check ben bare’s ride. two crates! dang that’s sweet. i don’t find the front basket overkill either and I heard some talk about a trailer being attached. I think its just missing a cupholder.

el presidente de china and his folding bike were in the house. check the shifter. WTF? the man is a crazed, unelected, out of control madman with a finger on the button and a beer in his other hand. this is the bike that rides dikes, rides stairs and rode to the dirty water.

Wednesday night about a dozen CCBA members and a few new heads met up at Lena’s for the bike everywhere! bike to dinner dinner. ha! I said dinner twice. we sat outside in the back patio near the new waterfall and enjoyed $2 drafts from the tiki bar. The CCBA kicked in for the pizza and I believe somewhere out there exists a photo of everyone. if a second photo of me flashing ever surfaces, please understand, its just a photoshop job, trust me. it’s a fake I tell you!

want more? click on the read more button for the rest of the story:

i don't remember how we got those to stick to people. thanks for the exposure tj.

the george keller hood was well rep'd. hollerrrrrrr.

there was a really good reason for taking this photo...i think...but i don't remember.

sweet boots! i really wish i got more of the boots in the photo! what was i thinking? what are they thinking?

and what are they thinking? every time i take a photo of three people it comes out strange. i initially just thought it was the staten island ferry, but perhaps its far more wide spread.

i have no idea why we are smiling. we were hungry and walked across the street from the spigot to get wings from wings, but it was closed. but we were there. and happy. but hungry. but happy. the post CCH party at the spigot was in celebration of the birthdays of maura and johnny. happy birthday again y'all!

i think this photo speaks for itself. but i have no idea what its saying.


Brendan said...
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Brendan said...

I didn't even know my picture was being taken.

Bike day of bike week of bike month received a proclamation this morning. I'll see if I can get the text of it.

El Presidente de China said...

Those bars on my bike with the grip shifter attached to a bar end are awesome, by the way. They're good because I can easily flip them over and make them into badass bullhorns for crouchy-fast riding, or leave them the way they are there for upright, I-am-a-dignified-lawyer, slow riding. This brings my folding bike one step closer to its I'm-Every-Woman destiny of serving all conceivable cycling purposes.

Also, unrelatedly, Ben Bare's cargo bike was the hottest ish ever.

Bianca said...

I attended the bike to work event for my first time today and we all got a shiny new metal water bottle courtesy of the EPA. yay! It was fun to see some fellow CT bike commuters. I'm reminded that I love the fact that a bicycle gives you license to defy fashion conventions at any age- neon patterns, loud fonts on shirts, headbands, and bike shorts!
Sorry I can't come to the happy hour. I will try to make the next one.
Yeah the banana-yellow cargo bike is badass.

chillwill said...

i am outta here(work) and enroute to the happy hour(at the corner pug).

hope to see some of you drunks there(at the happy hour)...except for bianca, she already called out(see you next time!)but everyone else(anyone and everyone) better get wet(from the rain, i don't mean to get angel dusted) and be there(corner pug) tonight(friday night, may 16th).

end of transmission (comment)

Brendan said...

here's the text of the proclamation:


WHEREAS, bicyclists employ a clean, quiet, and energy-efficient mode of transportation; and

WHEREAS, bicycling is a healthy form of exercise which can reduce the incidence of hypertension, diabetes, and obesity and other serious illness; and

WHEREAS, bicycling is a viable form of transportation and an important part of a region’s transportation system; and

WHEREAS, many of Hartford residents and visitors use bicycles for travel, pleasure, or as part of their work everyday; and

WHEREAS, the national non-profit bicycling safety and education association, the League of American Bicyclists has declared the month of May to be National Bike month for each of the last 51 years and has done so again in 2008; and

WHEREAS, during the month of May 2008 the League of American Bicyclists, the Central Connecticut Bicycle Alliance, and bicycle clubs and shops will be promoting bicycling as an environmentally-friendly alternative to the automobile as well as an enjoyable leisure activity; and

WHEREAS, Ride Your Bike to Work Week, a national event sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists to raise awareness of the idea of riding a bike to work as an alternative form of transportation is scheduled for May 12 to 16, 2008; and therefore be it

RESOLVED, That I, Eddie A. Perez, Mayor of the City of Hartford, along with the Court of Common Council and the citizens of Hartford do hereby proclaim May 16, 2008
as BIKE TO WORK DAY IN HARTFORD and urge all who support bicycling to participate in the events planned.

chillwill said...

its official!!!!!!!!