Thursday, May 1, 2008

lunch break

I'm not hardcore enough to ride my bike during my lunch break. However, I am hardcore enough to take a walk during my lunch break. I did that today and wandered through Bushnell Park. Imagine my glee when I discovered that the Soldiers and Sailors' Arch was open! I took some pictures of the view from up, the giant koi in the smelly pond, and some nice blooming cherry trees.



Brendan said...

you can't really tell from those pictures, but those fish are like two feet long! if one was fishing there, one might be able to reel big fish. ha ha ha!

chillwill said...

make sure you cook any fish caught in that pond. that water ain't sushi quality! (don't ask me how i know that)

Brendan said...

right by where I was standing was half a fish carcass.

what's your plan for this weekend. you going down on saturday via van?

chillwill said...

van! we don't need no stinkin' van for a bike ride!

josh and i are riding to waterbury on saturday and then catching the train to Grand Central.

he's got a spot to stay in BK. i just got hooked up by shoup with a spot where he is crashing...also in brooklyn.

there's a car involved for the ride home, not sure about room, but holla at josh. but then again, there's a whole permit thingee for bikes on the train.

y'all got it figured out yet?

Brendan said...

to josh & will:

since we're wusses, johanna and I plan to drive down on saturday afternoon. we're staying in brooklyn as well.

do you (plural) want to plan that morning and ride down assembled to battery park?

chillwill said...