Wednesday, May 7, 2008

28-year old track bike virgin gets some

Ever been blown away by a track bike? My first ride on a track bike recently flipped my lid, kid.

I'm going to mix some metaphors here, because it's fun and sometimes humorous. If my Raleigh M-80 with a chain that needs lube, brake pads that need a deglazing, a broken shifter for the rear derailleur and some heavy hard-case semi-slick tires is a 93 Chevy Blazer, then my boy TJ's track bike is a hot knife. This thing transfers energy from your body to forward motion so cleanly that you'd think you were riding your bike in outerspace in a vacuum-sealed chamber. Well, maybe I just made up the vacuum chamber thing is a stretch I made for this post, but I did think of the hot knife when I was trying out TJ's bike.

So what happens when you get so nice and then go out riding with a courier on his off-hours? You get blown away, and you make sure the ride is just a short jaunt to sit down and continue to get nice in the neighborhood park.

Abstinence is not the answer, my mountain and roadie friends.


Brendan said...

hot knives are hard to sit on. ouch!

El Presidente de China said...

Damn Joel, you're making me miss my fix in a big way. I haven't ridden it since around September, when I discovered that the reason it was so hard to ride was because my sealed hub was totally shot and full of evil and friction. I really have to get some scratch together for a new hub.

Karma said...

Love the story, love metaphors, but my bike obsessed mind needs more juicy details. A full visual description... I need colors, components, gearing, the works. Tell me more!

chillwill said...


that karma dude seems like a bike perv eh??

Karma said...

Well as long as they are over 18.