Monday, May 12, 2008

The Scruffy Peloton rides again!

The Mark Twain House to the Spigot, a 25 mile ride? yep, if you do it Brendan's way via Avon's Rails to Trails! Check the ROUTE.

Our group shrunk to four riders for last thursday's ride, Brendan, Johanna, Joel and ChillWill. The ride over the mountain through Talcott Notch wasn't bad. The twisty road by Avon Old Farms was fun and cars couldn't pass you due to the width of the road, so they had to go slow. No worries. No honking. The Rails to Trails path was mostly empty and flat and enabled lots of conversing, scheming and planning. I bunny hopped over a speed bump in some randomn parking lot off Hopmeadow. Yes! I am no longer a virgin thanks to pedal cages!

Ahhhh.....bridges and bikes! We should maybe rename this blog!

Some jack-ass in Porche hooked Johanna and missed her by a few feet on rt. 185. Jerk!!!

The wings from Wings and the pitchers at the Spigot were delightful after the ride.

i am looking forward to the next ride of the Scruffy Peloton.


Brendan said...
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Brendan said...

I tore a massive hole in those blue shorts on Saturday mountain biking. They are no more. Also, I figured out where Canal Road goes. Furthermore, I ended up riding from Canal Rd to reservoir dike entrance on 44 without dying.

Lastly, does my butt really look that big on a bike?

Karma said...

I like the Spigot as an end point, that should be tradition. Schools out, when do we ride? I vote Wed or Thurs.

Brendan said...

I can't ride until this weekend. The budget hearings continue!

chillwill said...

brendan - so yeah?!? you found the Northwest Passage of the west hartford reservoirs? niiice. mtn bike only? sorry to hear about those shorts, we were all always commenting on how big your butt looked in them. damn shame dude. a damn shame.

dude, lucas, wednesday, beer at the Tiki and dinner at Lena's per Bike to Dinner. check da cal yo. thurs is creative cocktail hour @ RAW. you chould come check it. and then maybe we should have...dare i say it? bridge night two!

bridge night too!
bridge night two! BRIDGE NIGHT!!!!

Karma said...

Why is bike to dinner so early? Who can ride 30 miles after work and get there by 5.30. Ill barely get there from work by then! What time you heading over?

Brendan said...

some of it is a little gravelly, but any bike could ride on it. I have yet to figure out how ferncliff road works yet.

that's my next project.

chillwill said...

dinner is at 5:30, but i think people are getting there early for beers. i'll prolly roll up a little before 5.