Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy hour to last call in the Beat!

There is no photographic pixels or sound recordings of last Friday’s Happy Hour in downtown where G-Money, Hardcore (visiting from Hotlanta) and I reunited part of the old school happy hour crew and wandered around eating free food and drinking $2 drafts. Good. Keeps us out of trouble with the courts and that thing called “evidence.” But at 7, they drove and I rode to Sully’s Tiki Bar for Steve and Rod’s House Happy Hour. There were 4 or 5 bicycles locked up on the back fence and the crowd was moving to the beats and an amazing vibe fell upon the night. It was the first HHH of the season and one of the best! Such a good time indeed, except most everyone was still feelin’ it on Saturday. But what a night! Everyone was dancing outside to the house beats and great old school hip-hop. Inside, Sirsy, a two piece band was really making it happen, great music. Lots of fun dancing and being silly.

I cannot write anymore, so here’s some photos and crappy captions:

Chug water and wear a helmet! Go Amy Z and Rick! Two bicycles leaving, but more still there.

Rich’s Eyeglass Case amazed even more people. Rachel and Brooke were enthralled and maybe confused. I am not sure if this counts as yet another awkward picture of three people.

or maybe this? Hardcore looks pretty well done, G-Money is about to do something (goddess knows what) and Amisha seems to just be trying to smile in the midst of madness.

Unknown to me, my fellow bloggers have been quite busy with promo deals and cross marketing! Check Carol’s beer! She’s smiling, but if the BBB really has anything to do with brewing, I’d stay away from Chain Grease Lager!

Hey! There isn’t no more, but I can’t make “READ MORE” go away, so click it if you must, but you have been warned! Go click “READ MORE” on another post if you must read more.


Karma said...

Send me a pdf for those labels and I will throw them on our next batch of homebrew. Maybe we will do a B4. Beat Bike Blog Brown. Cheers.

chillwill said...

fo' B.



whatever you call it, i am liking the idea! we'd certainly be the only bicycle blog with its own brew!