Friday, June 27, 2008

The Scenic Commute

One sunny morning last week I took the East Hartford route to work and cruised the riverfront in between crossing two bridges. This is only slightly longer than my short commute and i get to ride along the river and avoid Wethersfield Avenue's traffic, potholes and prostitutes. Cap Ave, Bushnell Park, Constitution Plaza and over the Founders Bridge and down, around, under the overpass and over the dike, tight hairpin to the left to avoid i84 and yer all downhill to the riverfront. Then its just a sweet ride on the greenway next to all these great, big ‘ol river trees and of course the river itself.

Just after passing under the Founders I saw this massive horse. Freakin’ Huge!

Here’s some beta about President Lincoln, also a towering presence!

South of the boat ramp the trail weaves through trees whilst other hang over the river, trying to stay rooted into the eroding bank.

Two more photos after the jump! read more!

City line. Everything here is so clean and pretty.

A nicer shot of the city. Since none of these pictures were blurry, I thought slightly askew would suffice


Tom said...

photos don't load.... :(

Brendan said...


that is a big horse. I don't remember it being that big.

Murbike said...

I grew up in E Hartford, and used to ride up and down the river all the time.

We would go from our house all the way up to East Windsor, and down to the Hock.

Good times

Brendan said...

we're excited that we've figured out how to cross the bissel bridge in east windsor.