Sunday, June 1, 2008

Saturday Evening’s Thunderstorm

The sudden addition of pea-sized hail to the light rain distracted me from my book with all its bouncy pings and dings, especially on the metal roofs of cars. Dark storm clouds dominated the sky but several stark patches of light fought to shine through making for some amazing light. The hail ceased as quickly as it appeared and the rain continued on, keeping the same beat the whole time, though the clouds slowly grew thicker and the sky darker.

Not more than twenty minutes later I glanced out my back window and fire escape door to see a rainbow and the Beat’s skyline bathed in some wonderful light. I shot this picture from the fire escape in a cool, light sprinkle. It really doesn’t come close to the colors of the whole sky and the rich, warm ambient light was amazing! A small section of a second rainbow faintly appeared on the outer side for a few minutes.

I grabbed my bag, threw on my rain jacket and pedaled down Capitol Avenue towards the pedestrian bridge into Bushnell Park and then meandered through the park and up to the parking lot of the Capitol Building. I really like photographing the struggle between human-made infastructure and nature.

Retracing my tracks back into Bushnell Park I continued east, out of the park, across Main Street and onto Constitution Plaza to check out the roof of the new Science Center. If anyone knows why the construction company and the state didn’t build this and the Convention Center OVER i91, instead of next to it, please let me know. We’re they really trying to showcase the beauty of the interstate while at the same time keeping the riverfront separated from the new buildings by hundreds of thousands of speeding cars?


Well, atleast the view west towards the Old State House from the plaza where it bridges over State Street was a bit more scenic. I wish I coulda exposed this a bit less to capture the deep color of the sky. It was a great time to pedal around aimlessly under an amazing sky and feel cool, delicious air and no sticky humidity. mmmm……cool, delicious air.


Karma said...

It was a gorgeous night and an excellent storm. Too bad I was trapped behind panes of glass at work all night watching the fun. I was stoked to test out the new fenders on the Vega but the rain stopped before my ride home, bummer. That last shot is pretty sweet though, good exposure, wouldn't change it.

El Presidente de China said...

Nice pics, man. Really nice.

Maura said...

Excellent pictures. I'll make you more paella if you teach me how to use my digital camera.

chillwill said...

mmmm....more paella!

we sooo got a deal!

i can picture it! a nice, natural light photograph of the fresh, steaming paella sitting on the table.