Monday, June 16, 2008

New Developments in Parking

Hey. Where do you think Hartford needs bike racks?


This stuff is actually happening, so it's meaningful. I just got out of a meeting with DPW, Parking Authority, and another Council aide about the first phase.


chillwill said...

dang, you're fast! i just got the email from Sandy Fry and was about to post it!

my post title:

Want Bike Racks all over the Beat?

the survey isn't too bad, very quick but you need to scroll up and down to refer to previous answers.

please, everyone, fill it out and lets get this done.
Its the summer of the year of the decade of the bike here in Hartford!

Karma said...

I think they should set aside enough money so that if a place ever opens in Hartford that has really good beer they can put a bike rack out front. That would be nice.

Brendan said...

From what I was told by the parking authority, they're ordering extra lollipop tops and keeping the parking meter poles. So, they can plant these things anywhere, whenever they want.

After that's done, CRCOG grant money will take over.

chillwill said...


this is good news!

who else filled out that survey?

Brendan said...

I dunno. Assorted cool guys?

Caitlynne said...

I did! Is that "cool guys" a gender-free use of that pronoun?

Rich said...

I feel cooler now that I've completed the survey.

BTW, I was told today by what probably was a rent-a-cop that I wasn't allowed to lock my bike to the Old State House fence when I stopped there to pick up my brewfest tickets. I was bewildered, as was the old dude nearby at the farmer's market. Show me where I can park my bike then on that square. That's a place that's screaming for a big ol' bike rack, especially if you can't lock to the gigantic iron fencing.

chillwill said...

Rich, that is because State House Square security and management seem to be facist assholes. There, i said it. FACIST ASSHOLES!

They hate bicycles and want all bicycles to be locked up inside their garage only; which, you might imagine, creates a MAJOR issue for the messengers delivering stuff to State House Square in a quick and efficient manner. Well, you too included. All of us included. Anyone wanting to use the Sovereign Bank ATM has to bring thier bicycle inside(which is what i do)

Every form, list and request for racks i fill out, I mention a rack between State House Square and The Old State House.

A "big 'ol bike rack" is a fantastic idea!

Brendan said...

There is a public right of way that goes right between the old state house and the state house square building.

A bike rack can (and probably will) be placed there.