Monday, June 9, 2008

Chris's Spoke and Wheel in Bridgeport

I just want to show some love for my man Chris at Bridgeport's only bike shop, the Spoke and Wheel at 2355 East Main Street. (That is not a picture of the Spoke and Wheel above. I unfortunately don't have a picture of the shop, so I hit you with a photo of another awesome building in Bridgeport, the crazy mannequin house on Seaview Ave. Click to enlarge it and be disturbed.) I was in there today to buy a blinky light because something came up during the day that is forcing me to work late and I may find myself riding in the dark, and safety first, knahmean? Anyway, I stopped in and was telling Chris the situation and asking for the cheapest blinky he had, and he pulled out this one light and said it was new and had a weird clamp and if I would test it and report back, I could have it for free. How cool is that? I already prefer to take my bike to Chris because (a) he has old parts for cheap (b) he knows and loves bikes, both old and new, and (c) he does his work well and for a reasonable price while accommodating the customer's level of knowledge graciously and without condescension. (Wow - that was a mouthful. But it's true.) And now he gratuitously threw me some loyal customer-product tester love.

So the next time you're in the Park City or anywhere near it, stop by the Spoke and Wheel and spend some dough.


Anonymous said...

this is what u should be looking for from Xtra Rellish yahoo me CHRIS IS THE MAN HE'll hook u up wit good prices :)

Anonymous said...

I live in Bridgeport, and have been going to Spoke&Wheel for years. Excellent shop! They have everything; even if all you need is one ball bearing or a piece for a hub on an old bike, they've got it; they have all the new stuff too; service is excellent, the people are better bike shop anywhere! I'm really happy to have a store this great in Bridgeport.

onetrakwheelmen said...

I also am an avid fan of Chris Spoke and Wheel. After moving back to the east coast from Califoria I was in desperate need to find a local bike shop where I could find the products and maintenance I need at an affordable cost. Most bike shops around charge ridiculous amounts for tires and other parts and just don't want to work with you on finding what you need. That is not the case with Chris Spoke & Wheel.

Soon after moving back I started a brand, Wheelmen & Co. and attended the third annual Grand Theft Velo in New Haven, CT. This is where my brother and I met Chris. We exchanged business cards and soon my brother and I stopped by his shop to find that it was better than we had expected.

Its historical location and history was something I really liked about the shop. As you said, Chris has all the assets to supply you with anything you need if its not in the store. His knowledge and love for bicycles is strong and prices are right on and can be a place to hang out.

I have supported Chris Spoke & Wheel with bringing customers and spreading the word to everyone on where to go for bicycle product. I will continue to support. I agree, stop by and get your product with Chris Spoke & Wheel.


F. Smith said...

I have to say it's nice to have a local bike shop in Bridgeport. I went in for the first time and they helped me right away, and had exactly what I needed in stock for my sons bike. Very satisfied, and pleased I didn't have to go to a surrounding town.

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