Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Blog post and video from NYC Critical Mass

BikeBlog (NYC) has a great post about the May Critical Mass in NYC. Reverend Al Sharpton showed up and either made a great, quick speech or hi-jacked critical mass; depending on how you see it. There's some great ideas to think about in the post, especially as the Beat's mass grows and has to deal with new issues and differing opinions on how things should go and what the ride is about.

There's some interesting twists and turns to the NYC story and i think if he had done a few things differently, he would have been embraced; but sending out press releases saying he was working with the bicyclists for a "slowdown" protest....not cool! Not true. We should all be united, i'm down with that, but you can't unite when you also alienate and divide by saying things that aren't true. Then we all loose and divided we fall.

Here's the LINK to the post. Give it a good read and definetly watch Chris Ryan's video.

I also have to give mad props to both BikeBlog(Michael Green) and Chris Ryan for lots of great reading, videos and inspiration. Its a great site! Check it often. Thanks guys!

Please also know, the NYC CritMass has had a long(and documented) history of serious police harrassment since the 2004 Republican National Convention when some serious stuff went down. Much serious stuff has happened since then as well. Google it and check it out. Lots of videos and posts from the two guys above.

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Check this movie out! Ted White makes some great films. i got many great quotes for my flyers by the original organizers in their interviews.
We're Not Blocking Traffic, We Are Traffic

Eastern Mountain Sports in West Hartford will be showing the above movie and a second bicycing movie on Friday, July 18th. I'm not sure if the second movie will be Return of the Scorcher or a documentry about the August 2004 CM in NYC with the RNC crackdown.

There isn't more to read,
so click it, but you'll get no ticket!
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