Monday, June 16, 2008

Encouranging things

I stole this from BikeBlog. It's an article about Barack Obama talking to Bikes Belong about committing to funding cycling and pedestrian initiatives when he's elected president. I think it's good that we keep this blog most a-political, but when a politician/candidate does some bike-friendly, there's no reason not to write about it. I tried finding something about John McCain with a bike, but the best I could do was this and this.

I guess it's Mayor Daley who generally gets to take credit for all the bike lanes and that sort of stuff in Chicago, but Obama is a Senator for that state (and from that City).

In semi-related news, Vernon isn't all bad.

Anybody take a good ride this weekend?


Karma said...

Im glad to read stuff like this coming out of politics. I can only hope that this might set a larger national example.

Regarding the article I particularly like this comment,
"During a conversational 15-minute speech, Obama poked fun at himself telling the crowd that when he was photographed last weekend riding a bike with his children, he looked like Urkel. For those unfamiliar with Steve Urkel, he was the nerdy, bespectacled semi-hero on the long running sitcom “Family Matters.”

I don't know whats funnier the fact that he called himself out for that photo or that they described Urkel as "the nerdy, bespectacled semi-hero"


Brendan said...

Is it no longer going to be "change that we can believe in" and instead "did I do that?"

chillwill said...

ha! vernon ain't got nuttin' on England! they got these traffic cameras there and the public is rabidly attacking them with paint, grinders, explosives...everything!

check this:

Brendan said...

grinders? like sandwiches!?

Karma said...

I feel bad for the hobos who are hanging around these things waiting for free sandwiches and some nutjob comes along and hits them with paint, or even worse a pipe bomb.

chillwill said...

no hobo's getting injured.

about 1/2 way through the photos you see the method:

take one old tire, wedge it on the pole under the camera box, fill with petrol and light it up!

Rich said...

Here's a bi-partisan bike news item. Bike-sharing programs for both major conventions this summer.