Tuesday, June 10, 2008


It's been really hot lately. This is the thermometer on my thermostat this morning before I left for work at ten after eight. Every where I go, I show up wet with sweat. This has to stop!

Also, my new Redline Monocog came yesterday. It seems like a really cool bike, so I promptly messed up the H-spring on the disc brakes and now I can't ride it. I'll write more about it once I'm able to ride it.


Karma said...

Yeah, im pretty happy that my two days off this week happened to fall on mon/tues. Just the ride over to the park has been brutal. Hope we get a ripping storm that breaks the heat tonight.

Bummer on the bike man, hope you didn't catch the bad luck i've had for the last couple weeks. Hopefully its on the road in no time.

Brendan said...

Central Wheel said they'd have the h-spring (the broken part) in by Friday. No one else even knew how to get it.

Karma said...

Thats really surprising. They may have just slightly redeemed themselves. Thats the first positive thing i've heard about that shop. I'd like to hear more as its the closest to my house!

Brendan said...

since the ownership change, they've been cool with me. however, I haven't really made any big purchases.