Sunday, May 20, 2012


I rode up to Boston on Friday for my friend Joe's birthday. I don't know the area between there and here that well passed Vernon, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover things like a cave and the Yale forest in Eastford. The Yale forest had this really pretty dirt road running through it.

Much the route through Connecticut, when nice, had road names like old turnpike or just turnpike. In fact the really nice dirt section was called turnpike, I think. There are not enough unpaved turnpikes these days. I think a dirt mass Pike would be great.

Once I got to Massachusetts, the roads were all terrible for the remainder of the ride. Apparently they haven't invented shoulders in much of that state.


dougyfresh said...

that stretch through yale forest is really nice. i rode it last summer.

ride home?

Brendan said...

Nah. I accepted a ride home.

Is there anyway to avoid 16? It's a very unpleasant road for about 30 miles.

Brendan said...

Addendum: I guess a lot of my route followed this: