Saturday, May 26, 2012

Three Rules for Maine Drivers

Formulated these guidelines for Maine drivers while recently touring through that fine state.

1)  Things are really far apart so drive your truck as fast as you can.

2)  Don't slow down for anything as that would violate rule #1.  For example, obstacles such as tractors or bicycles shall be passed at full speed.

3)   When passing a slower moving vehicle on a two lane road, give them the full lane because that's the kind of nice guy you are, but try to time the pass for a sharp corner or blind hill.   Pay no mind to approaching traffic, and remember rules #1 and #2.

Once you've mastered these three simple rules you're an honorary Maine'r.

Extra Credit:  A true bred Maine'r will toot the horn from about half a mile back to let you know they are approaching at full speed.

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