Monday, May 14, 2012

Bike to Work this Friday, May 18th

Get on your bikes and ride down to the Old State House  in downtown Hartford for some camaraderie and free breakfast.  I'll see you all there.  There are actually events throughout Connecticut on the 18th, not just in Hartford.

While you're at it, register for the National Bike Challenge.  This is an online tool for logging your bike commute miles where you can compete with friends and other employers to show you're the baddest ass bike commuter(s) in the state.

Some National Bike Challenge Stats:

  • Pratt & Whitney is handing it to Travelers.  Engineers trump accountants?
  • As of May 13th, Connecticut is ranked 21st of the states in the National Bike Challenge.  This curiously is the League of American Bicyclists most recent bicycle friendliness ranking of our state.
  • Mississippi is as expected DFL in state rankings.  Sorry Mississippi, you suck.
  • Metro Hartford is whipping the rest of the state on the community leaderboard.  Next runner up is Norwich-New London.
I think we can do better than 21st.  Come on folks!

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