Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Grand Opening of the Hartford Bicycle Studio

Guest Post from a new Purveyor of Downtown Bicycle Culture:


Hello ladies and gents of the Beat Bike Blog,
I’d like to invite you all, and all your readers, to the grand opening event of The Hartford Bicycle Studio this Friday night.  This has been in the works for a long time and we’re very excited to share our work with everyone.
I’ve created The Hartford Bicycle Studio with the goal of promoting local artists and our cycling community here simply because I love art, bikes, and of course, Hartford.  Our artists paint bike frames by hand to create unique, functional works of art.  Bikes, art, and items made from recycled bike parts will be available for sale. Some of our artists will also be offering custom bike painting services to customers beginning this month.  You can go to www.HartfordBicycle.com for more general info on the studio, too.

The Artists:
Matt Rubino
Molly Lantagne
Brian Burke
Heather Platen
Meredith Arcari
Amy Canter
Patrick Connolly

This event will be held from 5-10pm at 57 Pratt Street, home of our gracious friends at Downtown Yoga and Cycled Energy, Hartford's first green cycling studio (and winner of the 2011 Hartford Innovation Challenge) which captures energy generated by pedaling and sends electricity back into the power grid.

Aruna Chocolates will also be showcasing their ridiculously delicious organic, raw chocolate.
Our friends at Atom Space, the pop-up contemporary art exhibition, will also be hosting the opening for their show, As It Ever Was, next door from 6-9pm.

Come out to support the growth of local artists and our cycling community!

Thank you,


Of note:  This is the 1000th post on the Beat Bike Blog.  Kick ass kiddos!


helena said...

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Bike Locks said...

Our artists paint bike frames by hand to create unique, functional works of art.

m(A)tt said...

This dude Patrick loves Hartford ... then why the hell did he open his "studio" on Pratt St? That's the least Hartford-y place he coulda picked. Do young white people need more establishments catering to them?

Tony C said...

Errr. Matt. Why ya hatin? Hartford needs businesses and recreation of all sorts. Didn't just see one color of folks at the opening.