Sunday, May 6, 2012

Warm Showers, Freestylin', and Mourning

Interesting week.  Hosted my first bike tourer, Stu from the UK, on Wednesday.  I just signed up for, a reciprocal hospitality depot for touring bicyclists.  I had heard of this years ago, but now that I've got a place of my own with an extra bedroom I'm able to participate!  Stu was a fine guest, and I wish him the best of luck on hitting as many US capitols as he can manage.  You'll notice that his touring gear is - a backpack - that's all.

On Saturday, Salem and I wandered north into Massachusetts.  We came across this gem of a stationary bike (Huffy Freestyle) at a tag sale near Agawam, or something.  I can't keep straight any of the nearby MA cities.  Was a pleasant ride, although Salem wouldn't stop complaining about some inside baseball CT NEMBA stuff.

Looks like Brendan is organizing the Ride of Silence in Hartford this year.  Glad he is, since otherwise I'd have to.  If you're not familiar with ROS, it's a solemn memorial ride to remember those lost to cars while cycling.  The ride starts at 7PM from the Bushnell Carousel in downtown Hartford Pond House at Elizabeth Park and will be a slow, silent 10 miles.  Folks often attached signs to their backs or tie black fabric around one arm to show they are in mourning.

Stay safe out there kiddos.  Lots of newbies cycling this year.  If you see them doing something unsafe, clue them in.  Similarly, if you're riding with a friend (who's driving) and they pull an asshole move around a cyclist, let them know they could kill somebody - and it might have been you or someone you know.  There were several cyclist deaths in the area last year.  Let's do our part to lower that number this year.

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