Friday, May 25, 2012

Mon Goo Se

I rebuilt my dad's old Mongoose Alta and rode out to Case the other day. While 34:16 is not too bad along the way, with flat pedals it's pretty hard to climb stuff. That's ok. Walking makes you a better mountain biker.

The 1995 Alta was the ne plus ultra of Altas. For some reason, my dad's came slightly better than stock, because it was full STX. Although, in making it a single speed, not much of the STX remains. I made it sort of a singlespeed like five or six years ago, when one of the shifter pods broke. It never worked that great, because while I'm a bad bike mechanic now, I was a really terrible one then.

I returned by cutting through the green spots on Google maps along the Manchester/Glastonbury boarder and ended up in the Glen Lochen mall. I love the Glen Lochen mall. I also found that new Glastonbury bike path, which led me to some turtles.

I stopped under the route three bridge, too.

Yesterday, I went to the Reservoir and found another copperhead.

Also, if anyone has the "MON GOO SE" tshirt from a long time ago, you can give it to me.

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