Monday, June 14, 2010


I've always thought Paul Components are awesome. When I was a middle schooler, my dream was to outfit my mountain bike with Paul Components and be awesome. I also wanted to be a professional mountain biker, a DJ and live in Toronto. I guess, I've still got a long way to go with my life. Anyway, that Paul Rasta powerglide derailer was going to be the center piece of my awesome bike. Back in the 1990s, that thing retailed for like $325 or $350 or something like that and at some point between the 90s and now, they stopped making them. According to an ebay auction, it presently goes for $750, which is at the high end of what I pay for a whole bike. It would appear that Paul has gone the singlespeed route these days, since they make things that restrict chain movement instead of promoting it.

So, anyway, my lifelong dream owning some Paul componentry has finally been fulfilled, as a I bought a Paul chainkeeper and now I can carry pasta and 12 packs of Miller Lite on bumpy environs without fear of dropping my chain.

And, this morning I was able to combine my love of putting my lunch in front of my bike and my love of the Census:


Salem said...

Good for you, but I still say it ain't as cool as a recycled block of wood.

Brendan said...

Jenson didn't have any on sale.

Besides, I'm supporting American capitalism!