Saturday, June 5, 2010

First Fairy Ride of the Year: Ride to PRIDE

My Jenny would have been the perfect conversation starter if that's what I was looking for at this year's PRIDE. She got a lot of lustful looks, nearly straddled by an exuberant broadcast media icon of the queer world, and photographed by one of those "Page Six" type publications. Since Jenny's owner is as much of an attention whore as she is, this was welcome, harmless fun.

It was also another chance to feel smug. There were not many other people who bothered to walk or bike to the park. Not having to deal with finding parking when thousands of people are downtown? Awesome.

This guy was riding with a kid on his lap. I didn't want to get him in trouble by taking a picture of his face. People can overreact.

My basket makes hauling freebies so easy. Notice the fancy condoms that were given away. Why be limited to a mere handful of free condoms when there is a whole basket that can be filled with them?


Erik Jorgensen said...

Alright, one of you beat bike bloggers has to contribute a post about riding to a Bryan Ferry concert to complete the trifecta.

Interstatement, we're looking at you.....

Brendan said...

Couldn't we just ride around listening to Roxy Music?

Interstatement said...

A fine suggestion, but I think we could do more than this.