Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bad ride

I rode my bike a lot this week, but the quality has been sliding the last few days. Yesterday, it was the weather and today, well, it was the bike. Obviously, a talentless dolt blames his tool, but today, it was not going my way. The front derailer was pissed at me and I couldn't get traction in my rear tire to save my life. The pedals had no desire to hold on to my feet and somehow I bent the metal thing inside my shoe where the cleat attaches. And, I crashed twice. It wasn't like other not-great-rides, where I'm either off balance or I can't seem to find a metabolic rhythm (not that I'm remotely good enough or in shape enough to have any like a metabolic rhythm). This was different, the bike just didn't want to operate right.

My Stumpjumper has always been a moody bike. I think it feels like I've bought other bikes to replace and spurn it. It's so not the case, though, I've showered this thing with cool parts and treat it like a member of the family. Maybe it really misses that Judy XC it used to have that fell apart. Who knows?

Oh, and since I don't have a helmet cam, check out my first cell phone cam artistry:

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