Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I'm sure people assume that I'm always pro-bike path. I'm in favor of most bike paths- old railroad right of ways, separate bike lanes, places that have already been developed, etc. But, if the land is untouched or only touched by unpaved trail, but I think it's better of to stay that way than add pavement.

To that end, I received an email from the Town of Windsor yesterday asking us to lobby on behalf of a trail from the Bissel Bridge to Mead Rd in Windsor. At present, you can make this journey without too much muss or fuss, by either taking relatively quiet roads or using a few trails along the train tracks that are rather pleasant. The DEP owns the land they want to pave. Below is the area:

At first, I thought they wanted to pave the trail from the Bissel bridge up to Loomis, which be a shame, because it's nice and quiet in there, but I guess they don't want to do that.

So, the questions, I guess is pave or don't pave. Am I just selfish? The C&O Canal isn't paved and people love using that.

Those Hockanum trails are unpaved except for complex bridges. I like that.

Don't I have the dorkiest cockpit set up ever there?


Interstatement said...

To clarify, are they looking to pave a more-or-less straight path from points A to B on the map?

I think it would be a good thing if there was a longer more continuous path along the river. If something were to run from the Charter Oak Bridge to the Bissel and beyond, it would make more bike transportation easier for more riders. Personally, my favorite biking surface is pine needle-covered forest floor, but I think a paved path is the best bet for the most people in the most conditions.

Brendan said...

Yeah, don't follow the blue line.

Do you really think this path will change anything? How many people do you ever see on the Bissel Bridge?

Erik Jorgensen said...

Props to the bullmoose!

Interstatement said...

I don't cross the Bissel often, but I ride north from Hartford into Windsor center from time to time, and north Main Street into Windsor Ave isn't the best stretch of road to ride. Traffic can be unpredictable, I don't think there is any bike lane or shoulder north of I-91, and there is often a fair amount of broken glass toward the curb. You can bypass north Main into Windsor through Keney Park if you have the time, and it's a nice time at that, but it's not as appealing if you are trying to head north in a timely manner. I think a good north-south route would serve the greater good. I don't think it would be thronged with eager riders on opening day, but I think that it would catch on.

You have way more available clamping area and dorkiness potential with the mighty bull moose than others. Run with it!

Schleppi Longstocking said...

If I could easily get to the Bissell Bridge, I'd take the path. I've been wanting to bike to Natori Sushi and am far too lazy to figure out a road route to get there.

Brendan said...

Windsor doesn't have that much woods, so I'd say keep the pavement out.

Schleppi Longstocking said...

There could be a compromise -- make the path, but then turn at least two existing car roads into forest by digging up the streets and planting trees. Win-win.